3300 years ago

In a cold outpost by the Atlantic Ocean, later known as Norway.

On the plains of Rastarkalv

A crooked old pine died and fell into the swamp

And was swallowed by the dark, silent waters.

Shrouded in darkness and deprived of oxygen, it was preserved in perfect condition.

1280 b.c.

2,400 years later..

1,066 years ago in scandinavia

King Haakon the Good reigned over Norway

The sons of Eirik Bloodaxe attacked Norway on orders from King Harald Bluetooth of Denmark.

25 Danish warships arrived at Frei, outnumbering the Norwegian army three to one.

The battle of rastarkalv

The armies met in battle on the plains of Rastarkalv.

Severely outnumbered, the local chieftain, Egil Ullserk, hatched a cunning plan.
The Norwegian army formed a shield wall, but ten men were held back and given one war flag each.

These ten standard-bearers marched around behind the Danish army, cloaked by a small hill, their flags raised high. The Danes were horrified to see the seemingly massive Norwegian army outflanking them.

Chaos descended and the Danish army scattered and fled back to their ships. Panicked and in horror, a large group of Danish soldiers were chased by King Haakon up onto the cliffs of Freihaugen. Some fought back, but most ran off the cliffs and plunged to their deaths. King Haakon spared no lives.

Meanwhile, on the shore below, what remained of the armies clashed. Eriksson the Old and Egil Ullserk faced off in a fight. Ullserk was killed, and so were most of his soldiers. But, in the final deciding moment, Haakon and his army appeared, rushing down from the cliffs at full force, slaughtering every remaining Dane.

the tree

As the battle roared above, the tree rested below the earth, witnessing history from its silent grave.

the watch

The 47 Rastarkalv dials are made from that very tree.