A life inspired by freedom.

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Kasper was going to be a teacher. But while studying for that goal, his decision to purchase a tent – intended as a simple way to disconnect and recharge – changed everything.

The tent was quiet. Peaceful. It allowed him to connect with an untamed part of himself. A part that longed for freedom.

the change

Kasper realized he was spending more time in his tent than in his apartment. It was time to make a bigger change. He gave up the apartment for a Land Rover and headed north.

his new life

“I earned enough from freelance photography and Instagram to cover food and fuel.”

He lived simply, taking photos of his journey and sharing them with his growing Instagram base. He was gone for 20 months.

“Staying for so long enabled me to explore places in a deeper way.”

© Kasper Høglund

During the pandemic, the lack of tourists gave him a special gift. He witnessed natural phenomena, like a pod of orcas swimming near his car in the dawn light. The absence of tourist boats let him follow them for a week. Sunlight on the snow. Warm in his sleeping bag, Kasper watched their journey in solitude and peace.

“I see this as won time. It’s not for everyone.
I like to use the time I have now for this, instead of thinking later that I should have.”


Today, Kasper works as a photographer and brand ambassador for a retail store in Oslo. He lives in balance between the city and his nomadic roams around Norway.

Kasper won’t live this life forever. Maybe he’ll build an Alfa Romeo into a rally car and explore the desert. Morocco. Mongolia.

He has time.