Launch of STRAUM - Premium Norwegian Watches For Explorers and Adventurers

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Oslo, Norway

STRAUM today announced their first product lines, the Rastarkalv and Opphav watches. “Finally, after five years of design and development, we are thrilled to launch our new brand and products” said co-founders Lasse Roxrud Farstad and Øystein Helle Husby.

STRAUM is an all-new brand and maker of lifestyle gear for explorers and adventurers, rooted in Norwegian nature. “Norway is a place of rich history, abundant with unique and exciting stories. Our mission is to explore Norway, find captivating stories, and present these stories in the form of premium, high-quality mechanical watches,” said co-founder Lasse Roxrud Farstad. “We’re inspired by the raw elements and materials of nature, which we then combine with sophisticated manufacturing and craftsmanship. The end result is a distinctive premium product.”

The rarest stories are sold in limited quantities, and will never be produced again.

RASTARKALV - 3300 year-old wood

The RASTARKALV watch dial is made from a 3,300-year-old root extracted from the plains of Rastarkalv on the island of Frei. Shrouded in darkness and deprived of oxygen, it has been preserved in perfect condition. 2,400 years later (the year 955 A.D.) a massive Viking battle took place on these plains, its outcome in part determining the territory we now know as Norway. On orders from the Danish King, 25 war ships and 250 men attacked Norway, outnumbering the local Norwegian army three to one. As the battle roared above, a dead tree rested below the earth, witnessing history from its silent grave.

After extracting the root from the swamp we refined it into 47 uniquely numbered dials. These dials are set inside our custom designed STRAUM W-01 watch case made from damascus steel.

OPPHAV - Textures of nature

Ripples on a lake. A glacier. The seabed. The OPPHAV dial captures the textures of Norwegian nature in a unique three-dimensional stamped pattern. The steel surface has been carefully treated with multiple layers of paints and lacquers, resulting in an enchanting depth effect. The top surface is smooth and flat, yet holds a miniature landscape of ridges and valleys within–much like peering down onto the bed of a lake. The result is a dial that glimmers in direct light, and gently comes to rest as light dims.

"STRAUM offers a very interesting combination of quality of materials and movements, and a bold modern aesthetics” - Thor Svaboe, Time and Tide.

Design and quality

All STRAUM watches feature a striking ‘floating dial’ – a design achieved by moving the chapter ring below the dial. (Chapter rings carry the markings of the hours and minutes and are usually positioned above the dial.) The dial is then elevated towards the sapphire glass and held in place by six main indices, similar to the gemstone in a ring. The combined effect emphasizes the dial as a jewel centerpiece of the product experience. The case back is adorned with an embossed 3D motif capturing the origins of the watch’s story. Two sapphire crystal windows provide a clear view of the beating heart of every STRAUM watch–the Sellita SW-200 movement. All STRAUM watches come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.


All watches include a premium vegetable-tanned, full-grain leather strap (available in five colors), designed specifically for the STRAUM W-01 watch case, with inset lug cuts and a slightly padded profile. The strap also includes the signature Straum buckle along with quick-release spring bars for easy fitting. Medium-weight stitching round the edge completes the look. All watches come with a leather travel case (available in five colors to match the strap), which will protect your watch from minor scratches and falls. The case is secured with premium magnetic snap buttons that allow for easy opening. Straps and travel cases can also be purchased separately.


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