An update to our Rastarkalv customers

- Product upgrades
- Delivery delays
- Integrated steel bracelet in development

Since our launch in August our number one focus has been getting everything ready and ship our watches. To ensure the best possible product, we have made improvements to the construction, production and finishing.

Product update

The 3300-year-old pine wood has been stabilized by our Danish partner with a UV-resistant pigmented resin, resulting in a near-black wood grain with hints of brown.

You can see some samples here:

We will also upgrade the lume from Swiss Super-LumiNova BGW9 Standard Grade to Swiss Lumi-Nova BGW9 Grade A, ensuring a stronger and longer-lasting lume on the hands and dial.

Some customers have asked for a serial number of their choice, but we are unable to offer this as some customers timed their purchase to reserve their preferred serial number. You will receive the number according to your order date and time.

Delivery delay

While we have worked as hard as we can, some minor delays and the Christmas holiday in Switzerland will unfortunately delay delivery to the end of January. Know that we are doing everything we can to expedite this, and we thank you for your patience.

Christmas card

Some of you were planning to gift your watch for Christmas, and we do not want to leave you empty-handed. We have designed a premium printed Christmas card for you to place under the tree. Please register your name and address in this link so we can mail you the Christmas card.

Integrated steel bracelet

Our customers have asked for an integrated metal bracelet and we have listened. We are working out the details with our manufacturer, and will update you on the design when we are ready. A small expert group of watch journalists have seen the draft designs, and they are very excited. Dave Sergeant at says “The bracelet design is superb. It really elevates the overall design, which I genuinely didn't think possible. I cannot wait to see it in hand. Great job!”

Again, thank you for your patience.

Best Regards,


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